Dr Jim Donelson, DDS

James Donelson, D.D.S. is an honored member of the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, and Houston District Dental Society.

Dr. Donelson, a true Texan, grew up in Silsbee, Texas, about 20 miles North of Beaumont.

Graduating from Lamar University in 1970, he then went on to receive his DDS in 1975 from the University of Texas - Dental Branch in Houston, TX. Jim, as his friends and patients call him, has been a dentist serving the Spring area for over 37 years.

Jim and his wife, Karen have been married for 37 years and have four children Ryan, Julie, Kelly, and Michael. Jim is usually at his farm up in central Texas when he is not working. His favorite pastimes are hunting, fishing, snow skiing, and just enjoying the “outside” communing with nature. In fact his favorite time of day is sitting outside with a cup of coffee watching the sun come up.


Dr. Jim Donelson, DDS.

Many of my patients have become friends over the last 37 years… It has been wonderful practicing dentistry in Spring. I have made great friends over the years and it has been amazing watching their children grow up and make their way in the world. It is still more amazing to see their children walk through our office doors in much the same way they were brought in years before.


Almost a century ago, a young dentist named Edgar Parker recognized the public's fears and advertised himself as “Painless Parker” – displaying his skills with public exhibitions, of all things, dental extractions, without pain. He became the most successful dentist of his day at a time when modern technology was wanting.

We go to great lengths to insure that our services are truly painless and comfortable. Our anesthetics are the newest generation. We also warm our Novocain to body temperature for the same reason. We have laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) for those that feel that they need extra help to relax.

Our dentistry today includes much in the way of communication with patients; mostly, we listen. We allow extra time for our services so that our patients aren’t rushed. We wait for the anesthetic to take effect, and we try to provide our patients with “breathing space” during a lengthy procedure.

As a result of our caring attitude, we are not stressed (would you believe that nothing is more stressful to the dentist than an uncomfortable patient?), our patients are relaxed. For both our sakes, please let us know that you are nervous or upset and we will work with you any way that we can. We realize that many of you will return to work after your dental visit, so we always try to get you out on time, and in condition to return to work.